Be Brilliant! Avoid the lines!

We have been getting some preorders in for BINGO, and we would like to get the rest tomorrow so that we have plenty of time to put them together.

If you have been to our BINGO night before you know that the lines for purchasing your cards and meal tickets get LONG! If you pre-purchase your items you will get to pick up your packet at the front door and go right in to get your food or a table.

A big thank you to all of you who donated to our AMAZING classroom baskets. If your kids haven’t come home talking about how fantastic they are, be sure to ask them. They are all on display in the library, so if you get a chance take a peek in there and find your favorites. If you win a BINGO game you get to choose a basket. If you win the “Willy Wall Ball Golden Ticket” you get first choice!!!

You can purchase a (or several) golden ticket(s) on your pre order form…see how I brought that back full circle? 😉

Thank you Lava Ridge families for all your support to make our Lion community the best in Bend!

PS. If you need a new preorder form, you can pick one up at the front office.