Lion Dash Results

Lion Dash Results

Here are the results for the laps ran at this year’s Lion Dash! The top girl and boy runner from each class will receive a medal.

Awards will be given out at our award assembly on November 6. Parents are welcome to attend!

Classes with the highest average laps in each grade will get a special, FUN PE class!

Class Results

Blankenship-Average Laps 16.66

Girl-Lucy Ford, Kaelyn Sweeney and Jocelyn Jennart

Boy-Trevor McKenzie


Purtzer-Average Laps 19.73

Girl-Sydney Johnson

Boy-Benjamin Penhallow


Swales-Average Laps 18.4

Girl-Lauren Hansen

Boy-Liam McGlenn


Anglin-Average Laps 16.8

Girl-Guiselle Kinyon

Boy-Kai Perks


Tibbitts-Average Laps 17.11

Girl-Brooklyn Langdon

Boy-Eli Wiitanen


Duval-Average Laps 23.73

Girl-Kennedy Huff

Boy-Jagen Langdon


Sanderson-Average Laps 21.1

Girl-Brecken Adamson

Boy-Matilda Gard


Cromwell-Average Laps 18.75

Girl-Allison Settles

Boy-Reid Hawkins


Scruggs-Average Laps 20.90

Girl-Mya Town and Ayako Goede

Boy-Talan Chroninger and Dylan Jones


Van Horn-Average Laps 18.8

Girl-Ashlynn Lang

Boy-Gus O’Connell


Caswell-Average Laps 20.06

Girl-McKenzie Huntsucker

Boy-Luke Wilhite


Winslow-Average Laps 20.57

Girl-Blaire Eckman

Boy-Greyson Boostrom and Simon Rudolph


Kennedy-Average Laps 23.68

Girl-Macey Wadsworth and Hannah Wiberg

Boy-Jake Holden


Gylling-Average Laps 21.9

Girl-Georgianna Robertson

Boy-Halen Hill and Kai Adamson


Hamilton-Average Laps 16.12

Girl-Stacy Albright

Boy-Emmett South and Joshua Stra


Abrams-Average Laps 15.5

Girl-Caitlin Howard and Sukhman Johal

Boy-Ryder Carpenter


Gottschalk-Average Laps 13.52

Girl-Tyler McClendon and Xochi Medrano

Boy-Ronin Osmond


Barrett-Average 15.04

Girl-Cadence Kennedy

Boy-Eli Shockey


Kamasz-Average Laps 17.30

Girl-Alana Troullier

Boy-Drew Dittman


Sultzer-Average Laps 15.53

Girl-Macy Bailey, Dahlia Ortega, Macie Scroggins

Boy-Kole Wadsworth


Curfew-Average Laps 17.74

Girl-Rylan McClendon

Boy-Carter VanHorn and Brody Meier


Galvin-Average Laps 17.60

Girl-Tirzah Brown

Boy-Hudson Gant and Andrew Imhoff


Bangert-Average Laps 17.5

Girl-Taylor Dieker

Boy-Taylor Ahern


Dasen-Average Laps 15.24

Girl-Sarah Dittman

Boy-Junior Pena


Kingrey-Average Laps 18.5

Girl-Pilar Castillo Hernandez

Boy-Brady Kennedy and Paul Bikszer


Teachers Who Ran Laps-

Good job teachers!


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