Running Club

A volunteer stamps a runners card.

The Lava Ridge Running Club usually starts in September and goes until the week before Thanksgiving. Then starts up again the week after spring break and goes to the end of the year. Running Club is a program which encourages all students to run, jog or walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays during their lunch recess. The program is designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle along with giving students an alternative activity during recess. Along the way, students will be awarded prizes for their accumulated miles. 

Volunteers will mark laps made by each participating child at school. Four laps around the playground equals one mile. 


Prizes for mileage milestones are as follows:

  • Chain Necklace with foot for every mile ran
  • 5 miles = assorted small prizes (student choice)
  • 13 miles (1/2 marathon) = Lava Ridge water bottle
  • Marathon (26 miles) = T-shirt

If you would like to help with Running Club, please contact Liz Martin, at