Box Tops and Labels for Education

We all shop for groceries, sometimes two or three times a week –- or more. Now turn those shopping trips into easy cash for our school, and encourage friends to do the same! Just look for the Box Tops logo on hundreds of products like Cheerios®, Hamburger Helper® and Kleenex®, in almost every aisle of the store.
There are two ways to participate with Box Tops. There are box tops you can clip, just collect those in an envelope or baggy and turn in at our school office. There are also new clip-less box tops. After you’ve downloaded the Box Tops for Education app, you can scan your receipt and the app will automatically pick out the participating products. You can keep track of our school earnings right on the app!
If you have any questions, you can visit BTFE. com or ask at the school office.
To see a list of participating products click here.
Our collection goal this year is $2000!